Free This Dam and Lake

Lake Powell does not have an additional parking fee. Should Roosevelt stop charging for parking? Wikipedia:  Theodore Roosevelt is the largest lake or reservoir located entirely within the state of Arizona    


Things We Do Not Miss About Home

Have you ever ventured off on a vacation and wanted to stay on vacation? That’s what kept happening to us, going home always gave a sick feeling to the stomach and begged the question, “why are we going home?” Here’s a list of things we do not miss: 1. Air traffic, helicopters, airplanes, sirens, kids yelling…


Camping For Weekend Warriors: You’re Doing it Wrong.

Have you ever decided to get out in nature and have a good time? It’s Friday and you get the whole tribe together, pack up a cooler full of cheap beer, stock up on menthol cigarettes, buy a couple boxes of shotgun shells and head for the mountains. The weekend goes great, everyone gets drunk,…


Sedona Arizona Trails and Bike’s For Everyone

-Have you ever taken the whole tribe cross country and wanted to hit the trails with a great set of wheels? Whether you’re traveling locally for a 902quick family getaway, or cruising into Sedona from far away, one of the best ways to get pumped and view the scenery is to get out of the…


Swimming Holes: Due To Popular Demand

Are you looking for a swimming hole while traveling, something close to camping, grocery markets, and other national treasures? Finding a swimming hole is as easy as clicking here some are easy to get to, and some require a little hiking on trails, up a creek, or following paths made by locals. The best swimming holes…