Finding Happy

At times, I want to perfectly define things. A logical idea of the future.

A complete picture.

All details neatly organized.


Is there a dream that is worth giving up?

Dreams are like seeds that can grow into reality.

Feeding the dreams is like watering a baby plant at first.

And then, dreams grow into a bigger reality.

Reality pays the bills.

When reality bites,

Bite back and keep dreaming.

Life never works exactly as planned.

The best planning has resulted in a mixture of success and failure.

I’m getting older, but I still have dreams.

The younger generation has dreams.

Our dreams can coexist in peace.

Every dreamer is important.

Every dreamer has a place.

Details never work as I’d thought. They work better.

All of the fine planning for each step of life is worth it.

As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. Travel to the moon and back, had my adventurous spirit lifted. It has been impossible to avoid exploring the world, learning, playing.

When I look back on the things most deeply desired, a pioneer arises in my heart. Daydreams of the ocean, waves crashing. The surf is always good when the mind is lost in a daydream of sailing away to foreign beaches.

As I come to reality, all of the things in my office become haunting. The antiques, gifts, pictures. Those memories would mock my very real dream. They would attempt to be heavy burdens, stopping my exploration of the world.

I say “Ahhh, gasp, go away you things, I have all the good memories without you”.

Furthermore, I’ll take pictures, they are just things.

How do you find happy? Is it in a daydream, spontaneous change, planned change, something else?  

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