Copenhagen Airport

Hitching the red-eye to Copenhagen means arriving in the dark of morning, in winter. The fog at Kastrup is thick. Being surrounded by water makes this posh airport come alive.

Having five hours to layover would be a curse in a U.S. airport, but not in Denmark.

The Danes love their wheels. They have small wheeled laptop bags, shopping carts and everything imagined. In the airport, the trash is collected by people driving state of the art golf carts complete with trailer. I know this happens elsewhere, but not as cool as the Dane’s do it!

The Danish airport is so obsessively clean, the litter bins are dumped as often as a single piece of trash is thrown. The floors mopped clean enough to lick.

Scandinavia is rich with innovation, design, architecture. They love hard lines, soft curves, easy flow, and objects that appear to be floating or illusive.

The best things about Kastrup:

1. The shopping makes it all worth the wait. The Danes push their carts rather than carrying even one single book, even the men. People look good out in public, the stores generously offer everything from modern art pieces to a new wardrobe. I was tempted to purchase a new petty coat on sale for about 250 USD, half price what a deal! Fortunately, I opted for a sweater in another country. I’m glad, and like the sweater, saved 80 USD!

That might seem expensive for a sweater, but it’s important for a traveler to fit in. A sweater, new shoes and proper pants of local flavor might be a good investment if a person desires to fit-in. Adding handmade items to my wardrobe has been fun.

Local art may be in the flavor of a knitted hat, sweater, or something more memorable: chocolate!

Tip: Try the chocolate!

2. The floors. I know it’s silly, but the floors appear to be hardwood. I like them.

3. Danes, I like them. A friendly bunch of people, dressed to the nines, warm sense of community.

All pay telephones were removed from the airport some years ago, however there is an information desk with a phone. The nice workers at the information desk allowed me to make a few international phone calls with no charge. Bonus!

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