Flying to London: The best places

A must do vacation!

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been to the United Kingdom, but their immigration ministry could look it up in two seconds.

England is once again, the land of good manners.


When the sun shines on London, the beat of the city changes. The locals reach a new level of life.

After flying a few leaps between Copenhagen, Denmark and the United States, the land of princess Diana was a welcome change.

What happened on the flight into London?

Nothing, it was unremarkable, smooth, quiet.

As the locals might say, “cheers”: My effort to sleep in the air always fails. I’m one of those people that walks back to the galley to stretch out a bit and make a bit of small talk over drinks.

The only time I’m bored enough to make small talk is on airplanes… almost.

What’s so great about London?

~Something for everyone from modern to archaic.

~The 02 Arena, try to catch your favorite shows and arrive via. the thames clipper, an ultra posh motor boat you and the kids will love.

~British folks are family friendly, helpful, respectful. There is some faith to humanity that runs strong in this culture. Chivalry is normal. I had to recede from American habits and rise up to a more civilized, formal manner.

~The Little Explorer’s (8yo) top pick is Big Ben, because it’s so big, tall, popular.

~Bunhill Fields, a small walkway of land situated by the armory boasts 120,000 interments. Located across from John Wesley’s chapel, home, and Victorian-era church. Tours of the chapel, house, grounds are free; typical for many attractions in the U.K. History is respected and preserved in beautiful ways.

~Covent Garden one of my favorites, is worth a stroll anytime the city feels a bit lonely. Pubs and eateries line its surroundings and the underground service is efficient as needed. Moving around the city via. subway on busy lines was safe, cheap, fast. Be sure to look on Facebook fan pages for “Covent Garden Chainsaw Juggler with great ass” 

I only wish there were time to write about the fifty other things we did in the swinging city.

A walk around this town is a great way to escape crowds, connect with culture, sample local eateries.

Discovering the city could be a lifelong journey. Given the opportunity, I would gladly pack my bags and move there for a couple years.

I never knew Dear Old Blighty offers something wonderful for everyone.


At first, it looked like a space ship. The 02 Arena hosts events and draws international crowds with popular entertainment.


Riding the Thames Clipper is a good way to see sights, hop-on hop-off service options!


This street performer came here all the way from Australia to trust the audience to hold guy wires.


The owner of his Cafe was from Bangladesh. I asked if he had any Curry food off menu, surprise, his wife made curry, it was delicious!


Captivating mimes, warlocks, wizards…


Styles of London are posh, clean, sophisticated.


Thankfully, European airports offer relief shopping!


Peering out the window from John Wesley’s house, looking at Bunhill Fields


War protest, megalomania controversy, workers on strike. The message, Boycott Something by Big Ben Clocktower.


Is that real gold?

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