Los Reyes, Michoacan

Mexico is full of treasures. Off the beaten path, one is likely to find a more mysterious way of life. The true nomads of Mexico are rooted in art. IMG_2119

The indigenous people of Mexico have their own economy based on artwork, crafts, jewelry, food, chicle, and more. The prices are great, and the items are quality.

More notable than the goods are the people. They are beautiful, hard working, and line the plaza’s day and night.


Looking in the background of the photo above, notice the colorful people. These are the people, men, women, children of Mexico.

They are warm, friendly, loving.

The Latin culture embraces children like no place I’ve traveled. Kids are first class citizens, no matter race, religion, origin.

The amount of paletas, sinaloense, and other Mexican foods handed out by locals is amazing.

As The Little Explorer rode in my backpack, Mexican bystanders would approach with candy, treats, wet naps, all needs were met. All we had to do was arrive. The people took care of the rest.

Things to do in Los Reyes:

~Visit Waterfalls

~Tour an Agave plantation

~Stay for Holy Week (Semana Santa) enjoy festivals in neighboring pueblos.

~If you find yourself in the Central Plaza, a half block East on Portal Ocampo Visit Cafe de las maestras near the city center plaza. It is located in La Casa De Jaime Alcaraz opens in the afternoon on school days. It’s a place buzzing with local school teachers. If you visit, say hi to the owners and enjoy a nice latte’ served in the absolute perfect tradition, these ladies know how to barista.

~Take a short day trip to Tocumbo to check out what is possibly the most famous Ice Cream in Mexico. Meet the owner, of course, and ask to check out a wonderful collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia located in a secret spot nearby the town plaza and temple.

~Make friends with locals, they are inviting to tourists as this are is off the beaten path.

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