I Love Texas: Hill Country, Cadillac’s, George Straight’s Ex-Girlfriends…

Somewhere in the North, a neighbor of San Antonio is tucked between hills. The Guadalupe river tubing attracts visitors to New Braunfels as floating spectators. During the summer, this is a hot spot, fall through Spring seems a bit more laid back. Vacation rentals are available, off season pricing is good for a river view. Nearby San Marcos offers outlet shopping.

Drive North on Highway 281 toward Marble Falls. A nice alternate road with plenty of nature to see. In Spring, Texas highways light up with wildflowers. This area is particularly vivid. German history is rich in this town and thrives today. Meet a few of the friendly locals, practice language skills, inquire about a good German restaurant.

Motor boats line the waterscapes, scenic views, fishing, golf, parks, Lake Lyndon B Johnson, this calm hill country town offers access to an oasis.

Cadillac’s: Texas is full of heavy metal, plenty of comfort cruising vehicles dominate the road. Drivers are friendly, and roads between towns are frequent. Texas happens to have the best road system in the U.S. and possibly North America, in my opinion. Back roads are typically smooth, fast, and free of the interstate congestion. It is possible to travel much faster from point to point in this state than anyplace I’ve been.

Down the road from Marble Falls, Austin boasts itself as weird. Keep Austin Weird bumper stickers cover scratches and rile opponents. Dread locks, beards, fedora’s, great music keep Austin at the top of the charts for places to be. Check out Slim Richey and the Jitterbug Vipers for beautiful jazz, typically playing more than one night a week. Shake hands with the band and watch Slim make musical love to the guitar. I’m unsure if the guitar has ever left his hand, his playing is more than soulful. Snap some pictures of the classic jazz musicians, enjoy classic latin jazz hits, grab a bite to eat. Austin has fair prices on food and drink. Enjoy the friendly locals, transplants, travelers, business folk, techies, hippies, etc. It’s a mixed scene, and everyone is a part.

Listen to Slim Richey  http://www.slimrichey.com/Track%2002.mp3

George Straight’s Ex Girlfriends: Austin has a great singles scene. Texas as a whole has a great singles scene. I’d swear sometimes it has a magnetism. With plenty of industry, technology, export, the economy attracts top professionals, aspiring talents, international graduates, engineers, geologists, et. al. It’s not uncommon for a good single man or lady to be love clubbed, dragged and wake up in Texas with a soul mate. Their draw doesn’t just end there, the southern comfort and warmth of culture is oozing. Sometimes, it oozes a bit too much. After all, this isn’t heaven, no place is perfect.

Another notable mention about Texas is the hit television show ‘Cheaters’. Ignore this, and pretend it was never mentioned.

Fishing: No matter what the hook is baited with, in Texas one is likely to catch a fish. Check the local guide, signs at lakes, and clean house pulling fish in. Small mouth bass, large mouth, crappie, catfish, and the list goes on, lakes are well maintained, regularly stocked, surrounded by wildlife.

Hunting: Also known as shooting. It is unclear to me if hunting is a sport in Texas or if it’s just known as shooting. I’d prefer to stick with shooting, because it’s illegal to drink and handle a firearm, thus shooting may be a happy medium. If the local shooter keeps the beer in the cooler, the rifle in hand, and a plug of chewing tobacco in the lip, you’ll know it’s feeding time for the local wildlife.

Meat to eat: For some reason, Texans are a whole lot smarter bunch than the rest of us, they don’t hunt deer, they feed them. Deer feeders are available for purchase, line local landscapes, keep populations thriving for the meat. The USDA does not inspect wild game meat in Texas, therefore if you’d like to eat it, you’ll need to know someone who has meat, and is willing to do a trade. Colorado however, offers Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Moose at higher end grocers.

Don’t worry if you miss eating exotic meats in Texas, the beef is outstanding. Find a butcher anyplace, they’re in every town, buy your favorite cuts of meat and enjoy a makeshift grill, campfire, solar cooker, the steak is comparable in quality with that of Colombia. The variety of natural prairie grass growing gives the meat excellent quality.

There’s only one rule: Don’t Mess With Texas.

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