The One Secret To Success #empleo

One of the best things about working in sales is getting a reply five years down the road.

It is exciting to be remembered as more than a ‘free estimate’.

Though, being remembered as a ‘free estimate’ is somewhat exciting, getting paid once in a while helps the next person get something for free.

Companies provide a valuable service, free of charge to prospective customers.

Attorney’s do it.
Car sales people do it.
Roofer’s do it.
Airline’s do it.

It’s called: Up front pricing with full disclosure.

Complex projects, products, items, insurances, cars, houses, etc.. require more free labor on the part of the individual offering access to said item.

If working for free nearly 70% of the time is acceptable, this might just be your cup of tea.

If giving personal time to inform others is something a person finds enjoyable, satisfying, rewarding, lovely, that person can have great success in a company, self-employed, numerous government jobs, philanthropy work etc.

If selling with the personal goal to gain instant gratification is more rewarding than long term friendship in business, find a new career.

If however, an answer does not come, it’s okay to follow up, ask if your product, service, idea would help the prospective customer meet their goals.

The only goal a true sales person must have is to help other people obtain their goals, regardless of making a sale.

Sales are not important: Helping others reach their dreams is the key principle.

The Sales persons bias should only be to the customer’s needs, this is when altruism in business brings an overflow of happy customers.

No amount of networking will compete with an honest persons connections. In other words, if you make a mistake, tattle tale on yourself, tell the customer, they’ll find out anyway.

Happy Customers = Great Referrals.

Every now and then one dear satisfied customer will adopt you as their personal marketing project, increase your business more than any source has in the past. And then, another, and another… and soon, the phone will not stop ringing.

What happens next?:

Everyone forgets the name of your business, and all new prospective customers ask for the sincere sales person by name.

Rare and Exotically Successful people listen.

Rare and Exotically Successful people listen.


Ref: Ben Gay III The Closers

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