Eleven Things For Travelers To Do In The USA On Thanksgiving

Time Saving Hack = Buy Pie

Time Saving Hack = Buy Pie

While traveling abroad, in country, or otherwise, the holiday’s can prove a challenging time to fill. Transportation services may be limited, however great options for fun do exist.

The following ideas are a possibility and schedule should be confirmed by phone or website.

1. Recreation Centers and Health Clubs across the country (not in all states) tend to be located in most cities, include indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness gym, basketball, racquetball, tennis, indoor running track, and a variety of options. Most recreation centers are easily located through their website. Hours, schedule, map, prices, are normally listed, and these facilities are sometimes open on the holiday, including a shorter limited schedule for this day.

2. Movies are popular on Thanksgiving, theaters are generally open.

3.  Grocery markets are normally open on a reduced schedule.

4. Shopping malls normally stay open on a reduced schedule, even though many stores will be closed, the mall is open, and movie theaters are common in Shopping Malls.

5. Get outside, it never closes as far as I know. The great outdoors are open, enjoy!

6. Restaurants take advantage of an ever growing number of people who are not cooking/eating a feast this day. It is possibly to find a restaurant serving the traditional Thanksgiving meal, along with their normal menu. The opportunity to eat, drink and be merry is extended, embellished, enjoyed.

7. Watch American Football, check out http://www.nfl.com/schedules

Playing on Thanksgiving: Packers v Lions on Fox, Raiders v Cowboys on CBS, Steelers v Ravens on NBC.

Fear not, you’ll have a chance to watch all three games as they start at 12:30, 4:30, 8:30, Eastern Time.

See the American’s even left time for three round meals, pie, beer, wine, and cheering.

8. My favorite option, accept an invitation to a thanksgiving dinner with a family/group of friends….

9. Attend a soup kitchen dinner, offer to volunteer, then eat with the people who you’ve serve.

10. Take a walk down Main Street USA stroll around, relax, soak up the feelings of a slower day in Yankee Town, or place. A certain calm is let out as traffic is thin, pollution is reduced, people calm down.

11. Go black Friday shopping, if you dare, my advice avoid Walmart. A good day to shop later, obtain deals on electronics, travel gear, clothing, shoes, everything under the sun.


Accept an invite to a Thanksgiving feast, it’s common for American’s to embrace people even strangers, particularly this day.

Check websites of stores, attractions, facilities before making a plan, as many businesses are closed.

Everything slows down on Thanksgiving, relax.

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