This is Boulder Colorado in Pictures Part I

iphone2012December 431

Boulder in the distance.

iphone2012December 433

Bike, Walk, Drive, Crawl, Just go do it all!

iphone2012December 434

Follow razorback rocks on a gradual trail to the left, walk straight up more steep terrain, or simply climb and allow the energy to flow.

iphone2012December 435

Native Legacies

iphone2012December 437

Locals on a stroll fill Eben G. Fine Creek Park all year. Fly Fishing experts and beginners catch and release here. Tire Tubes are often occupied by people of all ages from all over the world.

iphone2012December 438

Red Rocks peeking over Canyon Highway 119

iphone2012December 441

Take the plunge over a small drop with strong water that packs a big punch in the eddy. Observe from the bridge, walk down to the Pearl Street Mall, whatever, relax!

iphone2012December 439

A favorite spot for families, singles, college students, professionals, local media. People congregate here, make friends, Boulder is social!

iphone2012December 440

Following the recent 2013 floods in Colorado, flags of peace wave love over Boulder Creek Trail.

iphone2012December 442

A pool often filled with people sits above Big Rock Drop.

iphone2012December 444

Rocks stacked can be a sign, art, guide. A rope swing in the distance remains alone in cooler weather. In summer, new friends meet here, all over Boulder.

iphone2012December 449

This is the bridge to jump off, the short drop offers a deep pool on one side, so goes the rumor.

iphone2012December 451

Red Rocks again commands attention from Eben G. Fine Park, Pearl Street Mall, and many vistas.

iphone2012December 456

This easy path offers access to miles of scenic beauty, a loop trail that goes to the top of Red Rocks, and a few other little trails.
Water, lizards, rocks, wildlife, people fill the nature and ease into the earth as its offering changes with every step.

iphone2012December 459

Red Rocks are a series of razorback climbable peaks, safe for supervised children.
Partial caves, rock chimneys, easy backside climbing offers access to a magnetic force unique to its own object.
A young traveler from Denmark layed on one these razorback peaks to conquer a fear of heights.
As we talked, the young lady shared that the rocks had their own unique healing feeling on her body.

iphone2012December 463

Pearl Street offers more than a mall. Chic, Fab, Delicious come to mind.
Whether it be people watching, street performers, restaurants with world class food and drink, shopping, entertainment, Pearl Street has its own flavor.

iphone2012December 465

A stroll on Pearl Street mall offers a new view of Boulder Culture.
Families line the streets on evenings and weekends, college students, travelers, backpackers, tourists, the homeless.
This is where people meet, do business, do fun, do life!

iphone2012December 467

Even the Gas Station offers a good view!
How is that for Classy?

iphone2012December 471

A pipe and piercing shoppe sits across from another pipe and piercing shoppe.

iphone2012December 473

Restaurant by day, night club by night.
The Hill in Boulder offers treats at all times. Sitting across from the University of Colorado, this mecca is diverse.

iphone2012December 474

The Sink food, drink, party. Inside, the walls, exposed plumbing, are covered in graffiti.
Alumni’s fill The Sink with their college age kids before CU Games, Events.
Shirts and Shoes are required, they actually made me wear a shirt to eat.
It was worth it!~

iphone2012December 475

Food, Mountains, Craft Beer, Art Galleries, Shoppes, Music, music, music!

iphone2012December 476

Fraternities, Sororities, Locals, Travelers all occupy College Avenue.

Photos taken with iPhone 4s HDR 2013 November

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