This is Boulder Colorado in Pictures Part II

iphone2012December 478

Gradual to intermediate paths ease up to the base of these natural wonders.

iphone2012December 480

View Downtown Boulder on the left perched at a trail head.

iphone2012December 481

The Flat Irons peaking with hints of snow.

iphone2012December 483

Endless trails, recreation, activity, beauty, peaceful relaxation.

iphone2012December 484

Would you?

iphone2012December 485

Free Climbing, Bouldering popular spot!

iphone2012December 487

Play on these rocks!

iphone2012December 491

Trails to this!

iphone2012December 494

Hike the Ravine between Flagstaff and Flat Irons, accessed at the base of Flagstaff Mountain

iphone2012December 495

Hairpins, cars, hikers, bicycles, rock climbers, all are welcome.

iphone2012December 496

The Autumn Sun warming the backdrop of Chautauqua Park (Left lowland)

iphone2012December 498

Observing the Peak to Peak area in the distance, looking toward the continental divide of the USA.

iphone2012December 500

The continental divide tucked in and out of the clouds from Flagstaff Mountain top parking lot.

iphone2012December 501

The eastern US watershed snow on the horizon.

iphone2012December 504

Looking to ward Brainard Lake miles in the distance.

iphone2012December 506

Speeding down Flagstaff Mountain on a bike!

iphone2012December 509

Where the trail is endless.

iphone2012December 510

Watch free climbers defy gravity, stroll up the trail, sit and take in nature.

iphone2012December 514

A slightly less gradual trail attracts.

iphone2012December 515

Bronzed settlers observe Chautauqua Park.

iphone2012December 516

Progressive history, indigenous history, Boulder delivers.

iphone2012December 517

Neat Cabins host guests all year.

iphone2012December 518

Chautauqua Cabins

iphone2012December 521

Neatly decorated, I almost wanted to stay!

iphone2012December 527

Hikers descending after an early morning hike.

iphone2012December 530

Colorado University Boulder South end of Campus.

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