Two Thoughts On Finding ‘You’ In The iWorld

Standing a few hundred miles West of Kansas, clicking my heels doesn’t seem to be the magic getting my feet moving to OZ.

Because, there truly is no place like home.

The holidays have been a smash hit in Colorado. Four Brazilian couch surfers came this week and enjoyed a short visit. We’ve been expecting their arrival for a month. What a nice group to host, the world is so open to opportunity in the fresh age of the social internet.

A few things have grazed my mind lately:

1. Off-Grid: travel, blogging, social media, business development. 

The reason this has been coming up is that I’m simply connected at all times. Few moments exist when the internet isn’t instantly available. The question of “what if the internet were less available?” bounces around in my mind like a ping pong ball.

And then, I remember how fantastic life is without a primary control device electronically tethering a person to life.

I’ll have to admit, the idea of a less connected life has a bittersweet appeal, and who doesn’t love a nice dose of mystery?

2. Throwing agendas out the window:

Who loves a good schedule on Monday morning? To be honest, I do. Coffee, sunshine, new opportunity, Monday’s are beautiful.

For years, I’ve lived every day like a Monday, take care of life, business, etc. This will never diminish, work is enjoyable.

Pursuing new business, markets, developing new ways of life are very important. Being in construction, and one of the most dangerous trades is not a good long term option.  As an only parent, my kid needs me safe. Changing the way I do business is important.

An invitation to contact me: Would you happen to see an opportunity, have an idea for improvement, want an idea, think of a business idea, want to connect, have a suggestion, interest, etc. please contact me on your preferred social media platform.


Rocky Mountain National Park

What are your thoughts, comments etc. ? I’m anxious to hear!

One thought on “Two Thoughts On Finding ‘You’ In The iWorld

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