4 Answers About Social Media Marketing. Breaking The #NYE Effect of Insomnia


Insomnia can be a frustrating factor in life, but what if segmented sleep patterns are not all bad?

According to fancy biased studies, statistics point to the “war on insomnia”:


1. How do sleep patterns relate to social media markets? 

Since the modern day invention of street lights, so called ‘night life’ has been a hot and growing market for business transactions.

Answer: Consider ditching the word “insomnia” and replacing it with a more productive word such as “Creative Time”.

According to more biased studies: Segmented Sleeping Patterns Are Natural and healthy.

2. How can two sleeps open new markets? 

By logical deduction, social media trends run the world, trends run local markets. It all depends on the market saturation and reader interest. Some readers are more choosy, less mainstream, savvy internet search geniuses.

In fact, the world is full of this new, brilliant type of interaction. People in any country have access to share media. Some markets are local in a fashion, but always end up globalizing if only to an audience of one.

3. What’s So Great About Only Having One? 

The Power of One

An Audience of One

One Makes All The Difference

For all time, the best success stories have been great failures, discouraged, laughed at, spat upon, berated.

But, somewhere in a field of dreams, an audience of one believed in you, yes…. You!

If you believe in you, that’s one! But, let’s be honest, it would help if one other person would be your audience of one.

Or, if that one person would invite another to join in.

With languages of the world converging upon one another in technology, the hashtag, tweet, blog post, facebook updates, instagram, linkedin, Colorado roofing business website or whatever your favorite network… Social Media and Web Marketing work.

Even if only one person reads a quality post, they could be the one who makes it viral.

4. When, What, How, Where…

When:  All the time! Check out the trending hashtags and search terms for any given location by searching Yahoo Trends, Google Trends, Twitter etc.

What: Posting, updating, informing, writing, snapping photos, back links, sharing, liking, commenting, uploading videos, it’s all important.

How: Quickly, smartly, manually, automatically, remotely, via. iPhone galaxy 4, HTC, Kindle, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, In Person, Out of Person, With persons, share, like, comment, point, click, record, upload.

Where: Everywhere, anywhere, choose one or twenty media platforms, build, design, grow, post, post, post. Don’t be selfish, share everywhere!

Finally: Grasp the hours of creativity each day, no matter what time the clock says, it’s 5:00 in the evening some place in the world, and there is certainly an audience of one waiting. 

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