Imagine Italy! A list of 5 Reasons to go.

Can you imagine sipping wine on the coast of Tuscany on the luxury balcony of your own private villa?

I can, and it’s making my heart melt! The coast of Italy is full of Mediterranean treasures. But, of all the treasures that stand out in my mind, there is one that demands full attention: Food!

Who doesn’t love artisan plates of handcrafted local Italian food by world class chefs? It’s practically tugging at my heart strings.


Take a walk to the field to watch a little Calcio, Soccer, football, kickball, Futbol, or get into the sport and learn how to juggle.

If a fancy dinner is your pleasure the options of gastronomy in Tuscany range from fish, fresh local fruit, and vegetables, cheese and wine to satisfy the most discerning palate, so I’ve been told.

Take a look at how the popular trends of entertainment, politics, TV and culture have a more natural relaxed place.

Where a good set of stairs leading to paths, beaches, estuaries, where natural wonders meet class, fashion, style and luxury.


The things we could enjoy on the rocky shores of Italy bring to mind sweet memories of love, youth, passion.  I become excited like a Calcio fan thinking about this.

Imagine the ocean is cheering away all things, but to relax.


Five Reasons I want to go to Italia

1.   Cinque Terre National Park 

Too much written about this by too many, this spot is a treasure!

Painting in progress this winter at La Francesca

Painting in progress this winter at La Francesca

2.  Ancient dismantled railway tunnels. 

That’s all I need to know, I’m cooked like a duck at Christmas.

How many amazing chances to snap a photo of the people, life, gardens, plants, ruins.

To hear the stories of ancient Tuscan history, and life told by deeply rooted families.

Fishing has been alive and well as long as its people have farmed the steep rocky coastlines terracing plantations.

Overgrown paths follow the railway along coastal bliss, hidden beaches, sunsets that encourage a desire for dance, a food lover paradise, world class seafood.

3.  A slower speed, deep culture.

What’s it like? I’m interested to know.

What is the speed of the Tuscan land?

How is the culture?

Most of all, who are the people that live in this brilliant land?

4.  Off the beaten path fun. 

Rock Climbing: That’s enough you can stop reading… or perhaps___

Walking or biking up and down the hills, old Tuscan stairs leading down to heavenly secluded beaches. Exploring a thriving community by day and night, as the life of local food, and wine artisans easily stroll through life with a care free attitude, smile, and streets filled with thriving locals.

Endless paths follow the sparking blue water as houses and buildings spaciously grip the steep rocky terrain. This sounds like a great place to exercise, eat healthy, and feel great!

5.  Perfect Reception. 

Having lived near the Rocky Mountains, a region as rugged as the surroundings of Levanto, a short winding drive to Bonassola reveals an old treasure of Italian Heritage.

Antique luxury hotels, resorts, guest houses!!!

If there is one thing the mountains have taught me, it is respect. What does that have to do with “perfect reception”?

Rocky hills disappearing into the crystal blue ocean, a variety of pebble beaches, sand, rock, cliff, hills means difficult cell phone reception, trouble with Wifi, lots of exercise, and experiencing a new culture with less instant access.

While some may not see how super perfect it is to miss a phone call, it’s okay to walk for signal, walking is the way of healthy people. Taking a bike ride requires no electronic signal.

Getting detached from care, worry, and a little extra effort are what travelling off the beaten path are all about.

Being surrounded by trees, vineyards, views demanding only photography, time to relax and chat with perfect strangers after a full course of foodie heaven.

So, what I’ve done to thank you for reading this blog is arranged a discount at a resort villa, it’s located near the bottom as a clickable picture with a promo code.

I hope that’ll help make your holiday in Italy more enjoyable.

If you’re the kind of traveler who would like to leave the car parked and get into a more beautifully isolated cultural way of life, this might be your cup of tea!

In case you’re travelling to Italy, planning to travel, like to read, or live nearby; this little hillside bungalow style villa wraps neat little cottages up and down the super beautiful rich coastline. This escape might change the way a person views life!

An ideal place to stay might be a little hillside retreat that’s chic and stylish like cottages.

My question is this: Are they chic and fashionable?

Not everyone notices, but the ceiling has a fresh coat of paint, and nice clean glass. Of course, the off season brings an empty dining area. But, the attention to detail at La Francesca seems to be tip-top!

Not everyone notices, but the ceiling has a fresh coat of paint, and nice clean glass. Of course, the off season brings an empty dining area. But, the attention to detail at La Francesca seems to be tip-top!

I wanted to know, and got in touch with the owners at La Francesca Villa Resort. They are very courteous, professional, and appear to be working hard on remodeling projects, maintenance, and keeping the corners clean.

That’s the thing about hotels, especially in Europe. It’s nice to have a secure booking with a trusted, well maintained location. Here are a few

Painting  progress at La Francesca, even the back road looks beautiful!

Painting progress at La Francesca, even the back road looks beautiful!


Lavori201updates of some projects at La Francesca a local property of villas, and a property hugging the steep coastline.

Look at this beautiful place on their website linked in the photo below, it appears they are staying on top of building maintenance, and serving guests with passion: But again, only the future can say if I will ever visit.

A few photos of La Francesca and the tunnels are at the bottom of this post.

I’ll mention a look at the progress of their projects, exterior painting, and wall finish touch ups. It’s nice to know that last years fingerprints, and blemishes are cleanly washed away for the visitors this holiday season.

It’s good to know if the inside is as clean as the exterior property maintenance. Typically, the lobby facade is the best looking, but I see the owner is keeping the exterior near the back road in great condition also.

This is a good hint for attention to detail. But, I want to see for myself!

I want to go!

This looks like a peaceful delight with luxury food, wine, swimming, exploration, sports, or maybe a bike ride with some true world class athletes!

Having a chat with Lily, my daughter, she says “I’m in daddy, I want to go”!

How about you? Have you been? Want to go?

As a contractor, homeowner, engineer, architect, stay-at-home parent, or whatever field you work in, you probably know as well as I do, the need for coastal property maintenance is a little bigger, sea salt brings a new set of challenges to construction.

Being built in the 1960’s this sea side resort is located a short distance from Rome, Pisa, Livorno, and Genova, exists to show a part of sustainable travel education, the sociology of a culture deeply rooted, this is a community, this is ecotourism.

You will be the attraction no matter what part of the world you’re from. Italians love people, and they love other Italians, it’s a country deeply enriched with more than a thousand lovely cultures to connect with.

If you’re native to Italy, let Tuscany surprise and satisfy your travel sense with its endless attractions where nature and people exist in a local organic sustainable way of life. It’s a little different from all of Italy, each small culture.

The possibilities of change and realization discovered in such a place is sure to help anyone succeed with productivity in life. The great spark of creativity is relaxation!

You won’t know unless you go!  And pretty please, take some photographs and send them to us! We’ll post your best photos, stories, videos!

Help! I’m not in Italy!

Otherwise, I would visit Giovanna and Marco in person at La Francesca, check out the villas, eat the food and tell you the sincere truth.

Would you happen to be in the area, live nearby, have five minutes to go and take a look?

It would be a tremendous help, and I’d be happy to give you credit, backlinks, tweets, shout outs, bff status if you’d happen to have a little time to relax, check out a new place, return again, and help our readers in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Greece, Turkey, The Faroe Islands, Finland, The Isle of Man, Australia..  and many more countries!

Feel free to take a look at La Francesca a cute looking place in a delightful place to explore.

If you don’t have time to eat, stay, just stop by and say hello to the owners, snap a group selfie picture and send it in!

The bottom line:

Our readers desire a local opinion and a discount!

Opening for the season….soon, however if you’re in the area, please come and say hello, I believe the people of Italy will have a new rising star escape, the staff would be pleased to have a smiling face visit while they take care of the details to keep the property tidy, and in good order.

If you’ve been to La Francesca, Levanto, Tuscany and have something to add please tell us your experience!!

The old saying: We’re making the needed changes to be fashionable, up to date, and cater to our visitors with a special kind of hospitality, the warm embrace of Toscana.

Is it true? Please my friends in Italy and from around the world, tell us your thoughts on La Francesca.


Click Image for information about the discount hotel special offer through Living In The Free World. Promo Code: EagleGazing

If you already know La Francesca and are a return guest, first time guest, would like to make a reservation, a special offer for pre booking is available by clicking the picture.

If the holiday season has made the desire for a Spring Time Vacation, Holiday, Fiesta, Siesta… take a trip to meet Giovanna and Marco. Maybe just a look at the resort, one or two nights could be a little relaxing test.

Consider stopping by the restaurant and sample the food. Is it world class? How is the Vino?

So, How is Tuscany, do you love the coast of Italy, have you been to this place?

Our readers would love to hear your honest comments, feedback.


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