Gallery: Genoa, Italy

Art, architecture… Italy is super pleasing for your eyes!

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

Genoa Italy Travel GuideYou probably have heard of the Italian city of Genoa; if you haven’t heard of the region’s world-renowned salami, you may have heard of Genoa as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Italy’s sixth largest city, and a contender for most popular tourist destination in Italy, Genoa offers a completely different Italian travel vacation than any other city or region in Italy.

History of Genoa, Italy

Genoa has a rich history; situated in the upper-west corner of the Italian Peninsula, Genoa was a way-point for travelers from all over Europe, and was a midway for traders and merchants westbound from the Orient via the silk road and other trade routes. Looking at the architecture of Genoa, it is easy to see the influence that trade brought to the city throughout the past centuries. The city is a mix of Roman, Grecian, Ottoman, and Spanish styles and architecture. This same mixture of…

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