Famous Rocks Utah

c-s 10-04 038If any place on earth holds the spirit of magic, that place is the desert.

Be sure to get extra water before heading off to Canyonlands National Park.

If Canyons are not enough to satisfy your scenic visions, try Arches National Park.

Both are home to the wonderful life hidden underground. The wild west of the United States is full of a different style of living. People, animals, and snakes all venture out during the times of day when the sun warms the earth to the right temperature.

DSCN1348Views are as scenic as ever as each moment passes through the day. Don’t let winter-time change your travel plans. Although covered in snow, the desert in winter is perfect for Photography.

DSCN1356DSCN1736 101_1017 DSCN1360c-s 10-04 037

Travelers will not want for a place to stay as camping in Utah is as simple as a web search. Here is the website for Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and other national park camping resources are also on the linked website.


If camping is not your cup-of-tea, maybe the style you seek is in Moab, in a modern Hotel, with a swimming pool and hot tub.

Or, if you prefer, go to Page, Arizona, head for Wahweap Lodge  to enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Powell, and nearby access to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Nevada, and a host of hidden desert treasures.

You see, “the desert has it’s life hidden underground”, like the song Horse With No Name says… it’s written by America…. of course!

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