Mesa Verde National Park: Hidden Treasures


Have you ever been flooded with emotions while looking at a rock?

Growing up on an archipelago like Japan or Hawaii offers a great diversity of life, but you’ve never seen nature until you’ve experienced the inhabited desert ruins of the ancestral Pueblo people. Established as a national park in 1906 this plateau is the host to a rich history of historic people.

Walking through the Spruce Canyon trail can be a quick experience or a deeply intense visit. The steep path near the visitors center descends into a short loop with dramatic slope, large stairs on a paved trail lead to the cave house. Walking into the cliff dwellings is a reminder of the indigenous people who occupied the Gila wilderness in New Mexico located near lovely hot springs in rural camping areas.

Mesa Verde holds international treasures. Ancient history fills the rocks of this indigenous land. The ancestors have carved their story into the rock.

The petroglyphs, museum and cliff dwellings all hold very important pieces to this ancient puzzle.

Why not go and see for yourself…






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