How to Maximize Travel fun U.S. National Parks

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been doing vacation completely wrong?

What if there is a better way to enjoy the national treasures and see as many sites as possible, without the worry and frustration of being in a constant rush.

Well, there is a better way to explore state parks and national parks. Whether you’ll be visiting for a day or venturing out to many parks during an extended holiday, there are some important things to know ahead of time.

Here’s a list of 8 valuable tips to maximize travel fun:

1. Stop – enjoy the sites and take time to take in the wonders of nature. Slow down and consider scheduling fewer activities in order to have a more relaxed pace.

2. Get connected to nature, people, philosophy, art, history, and geology. Allow the beauty to soak in piece by piece by taking time to deeply examine everything around.

3. Bring tons of heavy duty trash bags, at least one for each day you plan to travel, fill them up with your trash, and pick up any trash that others may have accidentally left behind.

4. Keep paths and walkways clear of obstacles, park bicycles on bike racks, or in locations that don’t block that pathways.

5. Save  a bunch of time and money by purchasing an inter-agency pass

6. Go camping and luck out with cell phone service that tends to work pretty good in a lot of NPS campsites.

7. Be secure in your travel plans by notifying the bank, credit card companies, family, friends, and neighbors about your travel plans. It’s a great idea to have a close network of people to look after things back home while traveling. Consider a reputable home monitoring service.. A complete service that is up to date with current technology, has cell phone apps, and allows instant remote access to control and monitor the system would be the ideal solution. Although a great solution, the security of cloud recording and other services have been questioned. Various concerns exist when it comes to Wi-Fi enabled home monitoring cameras, 100% secure* and accessible from your phone anywhere you connect! It’s beyond powerful, a tool for viewing home in real-time while you’re away, and possibly a way to give up more privacy. 

8. Socialize with others while out exploring the world, slow down and relax at each important landmark, read a book or enjoy one of your favorite hobbies.

Taking a more relaxed approach to vacation is not only a great way to maximize travel fun and have a great time. After all, time away is all about getting rid of stress, knowing all of the bases at home are covered, and learning to be a little more carefree in life.

What tips would you add to this list?


2 thoughts on “How to Maximize Travel fun U.S. National Parks

  1. I’ve noticed more and more that visitors are always so rushed! These are great tips to follow! I would add to make sure you have lots of snacks and water packed, but only because I am hungry all the time! Haha!

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