The Ghost of West Yellowstone

Come to Montana they said, you’ll love it they said….


Somewhere a block from Yellowstone national park at the west entrance lies a lovely little town. The streets are lined with tourist shoppes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Some of the buildings are new and some are historical. The Stage Coach Inn is one of the historical places that captures the heart at your very soul. If you love ghost stories and reports of paranormal activity this might be the right place to spend some midnight hours.

As I was out of the room for a few minutes, Lily the little adventure girl was playing basketball with one of those plastic hoops that hangs on the door, (yes I know, we’re the worst guests ever playing hoops in a hotel room during the day) the basketball is reported to have gone through the net on one of her throws and mysteriously stopped in the bottom of the net and bounced straight back up. I’m no physicist, but does that sound a little irrational? The little basketball player isn’t the only one to experience an encounter with the alleged resident ghost who is referred to as Herman.

In its prime the temporarily closed bar was the local hot spot and ghost hunters might just make some new legends in this warmly discovered gem. The staff has been more than accommodating with all requests and the restaurants are numerous within a walk across the street, everything is convenient, charming and friendly in West Yellowstone.

Where to eat?

1 The Wild West pizzeria and saloon ~Amazing meatballs, pasta, chicken parmesan, wonderful staff, great local brews. Wifi takes a minute, but it’s pretty decent.

2. Bullwinkles ~The ribeye was delicious, amazing chicken strips. Great local craft beers in the bar, and a full blown liquor with a vast selection of wine, spirits, beer. The staff was very friendly and it was a kid friendly place where parents can play slot machines. Wifi is good.

3. Grocery Markets are numerous and nearby as well.

Lily’s basketball isn’t the only interesting ghost story, it seems that most of the staff members at this haunted hotel have a story or two to share. Doors can be heard closing in empty wings of the hotel at all hours. One night while in the lobby at around three in the morning while staying up to work I decided to take a walk around and take the photos in this post.

Did anything unusual happen as these photos were taken in the middle of the night?

Nothing more than a few doors opening and closing as I walked back down the hallways. The hotel has a historical wing on the east side and the west wing is where the deluxe rooms are located. We occupied three deluxe rooms on the west wing and enjoyed every minute of it. The cleaning staff put on a great show and kept the place spotless. The cable television was a helpful part of our journey and when the cartoon channel had a volume issue the service company arrived the next morning and had the problem repaired quickly. The little adventure girl apparently put the front desk staff to the ultimate test, and they responded like clockwork each time. The knowledgeable staff has the answers to all of our questions including ghost stories.

Staying in this haunted hotel one night might leave you without a ghost story of your own, but be encouraged to book several nights and see if you can experience the paranormal in this legendary treasure.

Be sure to book online to save 10%

If you’ve stayed at or would like to stay at this lovely hotel won’t you please share the experience by commenting.

Checking a room on the second floor one hotel employee says “The hackles on the back of my neck rose”. ~Mary Williams

Those spooky words resound true with us too Mary.

















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