Zion National Park: The Maximum Fun

Have you ever climbed a rock just to see what is on the other side? Zion national park is one of the places on earth that grabs the heart at first sight and continues to please the eye.

At first the plan was to spend a couple of days camping out and enjoy hiking the trails, then something happened. The view from the south campground was incredible at all moments of day and night. As the sun slowly sweeps across towering cliffs alcoves and rock formations are illuminated taking new shape, color, and majestic beauty at every moment. The photographer and and casual observer will be stricken with love at every turn, trail, and natural wonder.

The violent history of earth is revealed in these rocks continually falling to the virgin river below as the zion valley winds, twists, turns and seems to wash the stress of life downstream never to be encountered again.

What to do:

1. Hike to the emerald pools and enjoy a very accessible trail that offers a cool oasis from the desert heat.

2. Walk up the narrows in the virgin river sliding across mossy rocks covered in crystal clear water.

3. Enjoy a short hike up the overlook trail after a drive through the tunnel carved into the rugged sheer cliffs.

4. Check out the human history museum early in the day as it closes at 6:00 pm

Where to eat:

1. Sol Foods market has great quality food at reasonable prices. The meats are delicious, plenty of fruits and vegetables are available at very reasonable prices.

2. The Pioneer Restaurant affords guests a great wifi connection, delicious all american food selections, fast friendly service, and is a good place to relax. The staff never rushed our meal, and was nice to allow patrons to sit around after the meal to soak up local art work for sale on the walls.

Where to treat:

1. Flanigan’s Inn is host to the Deep Canyon Spa and Salon. The little adventure girl got a haircut from the cosmetologist in residence Karlie Young, and it is cute beyond belief. Visit Karlie for a manicure, pedicure, hair cut and color, wax http://deepcanyonspa.com and enjoy a 10% discount on select services by booking in advance.







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