Camping Like a Professional

Have you ever been camping and found that you’ve forgotten an essential item? It happens, and it has happened to the best travelers.


Here is a quick list of what you’ll need to survive camping like a pro:

1. Flashlights and batteries are not only a convenience item but must haves when it comes to venturing out into the wilderness. Whether camping out of a car, tent, or RV a good quality flashlight and a good backup light are among the most important things. The best rated light is made by Rayovac, includes a full line of options with AA, AAA, and other battery options. We opt for the AA Rayovac because it tends to save money on batteries, offers high intensity with plenty of lumens, and is pretty much indestructible. The Rayovac also offers a great headlamp. Purchase the AA handheld flashlight or enjoy the hands free benefits buy the Rayovac indestructible headlamp

2. Cooking is not a luxury, it’s a need and everyone must be prepared for cooking. Avoiding the high cost of firewood or hauling out charcoal ashes is a great way to save money. A Barbecue size propane tank with a camp stove adapter hose is the best way to cook with ease and have a very reliable cooking experience. The small propane fuel bottles are terribly expensive and if you want to look like a professional buy the camp stove adapter hose

The Coleman camp stove that seems to cook the best is full of features and benefits. Reliability is the key factor when the city is miles away. Professional campers rely on their stove and cooking a meal is a sure way to make camping a more enjoyable experience. Buy the coleman perfect flow stove

There are many more essential items to camping, but these four items are at the top of the list.

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Have fun camping and make sure to improve the campsite by cleaning up all trash, removing glass from previous campers, and drown any fires completely with water.

Here are a few essentials of wilderness survival:

1. A good quality wet/dry whistle can save your life for signaling purposes, it’s a great idea to make sure every member of your hiking party has at least one way to signal. Buy the six function whistle and enjoy peace of mind, safety for kids, and a way to call out to members of your camping crew.

2. Matches that resist wind and water are essentials, take a bic lighter but don’t trust it to work at all. The lighter is a convenience item, matches are the real way to get a fire started. Buy waterproof matches for a couple dollars and always use a well built fire pit.

3. GPS units work where cellular phone service is not available. It’s important to know where you are, where you were, and where you’re going. Buy a quality GPS and make sure to bring paper maps of the area. Electronics are not always reliable, can run out of battery, sustain damage from being dropped, and maps are available at your local ranger station, typically free of charge.

Items that are not convenient for camping:

1. Air mattresses are not typically comfortable, lose air pressure as the temperature drops at night, and require a lot of effort to set up even with the portable 12v auto or battery operated pump.

Instead opt for a quality camp cot like this really cool Earth Products Jamboree cot with tons of great features. A double wide cot might be a great option for campers who require more space or want to be close together at night.

2. The wrong tent can ruin your camping experience and a three season tent is truly a warm weather option only. Not only does a three season tent quickly let any heat escape, but they tend to get blown around in the wind making a lot of noise. Instead opt for a more versatile option such as the Kodiak canvas flex bow tent

The main things to keep in mind when camping is comfort, safety, keeping your body in good condition, and having the right gear. Getting prepared before you go is as simple as testing the equipment at home, making sure you can stay clean with a good warm shower


Have fun camping this year and be sure to cover all the bases before venturing out into the wilderness. Take a great quality knife like this made in France and guaranteed to last a very long time. The blade is easy to sharpen and holds a great edge.

Are there other essentials to camping? Yes! Please add comments with what you would add to this list?

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