Ending up at Fiesta Henderson Nevada

The Fiesta casino and hotel in Las Vegas was nice enough. The staff and security team were excellent.

We stayed for two nights and had a room on the third floor the first night. The carpet was dirty and appeared to have chewing gum stains. The mattresses were old yet comfortable enough.

The second night our room was on the sixth floor, carpet was clean and the air conditioner was not as noisy as the previous room. We only booked one night at a time and it was compliments of a friend.

The rate charged for the rooms both nights was almost double the advertised rate.

The buffet food was bland lacking spice, but selections were good.

Fat burger was overpriced.

Heineken was the only decent beer option, if you consider Heineken drinkable.

If you stay at the fiesta do not expect coffee in the room, rather a search of all the coffee in the morning revealed poor options.

The Starbucks did not have a french press, the cafe charged 2.49$ for a cup of coffee, Kona blend and weak in strength.

I sampled all of the coffee available at 5:00 in the morning and opted to leave the resort to find a McDonald’s for a reasonably priced cup of coffee with some flavor.

Also, do not expect hair conditioner in the rooms, it’s missing.

Towels must be at a premium as only two sets were provided in a double queen room.

The pool was dirty, after the first night we left comments about all of the minor issues and the pool a was properly cleaned immediately.

The staff was terrific, everything we purchased was priced higher than the advertised rates.

I refused to gamble or play slots because of the minor troubles and waste of time spent leaving the resort in search of coffee and conditioner.

Overall this was a decent experience, but the basic expectations of attentive cleanliness, good strong coffee, and hair conditioner were not immediately available.

If Fiesta Casino and Hotel wants to meet the basic expectations of luxury, they are going to have to put out a little more effort, upgrade mattresses, and provide the simple amenities people expect in a hotel.

2 1/2 stars on the property and prices.

5 stars for the wonderful staff!




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