Hiking to the Top of Bell Rock: Join The Club in Sedona Arizona


Have you ever looked at a giant rock formation and desired to hike to the top?

Not all mountains have a trail that is easy to find, clearly marked, and full of tourists. Some of the best off the beaten path treasures are hidden by locals and their exclusive guests. Bell Rock has one of those hikes. Many of Sedona’s locals are left in the dark along with tourists visiting the area. But, there is a guide who has his own goals in mind when it comes to climbing up this powerful rock formation known as Bell Rock.

If you’d like to join the Top of Bell Rock Club, it would be very wise to know the founder of that club.

On the top of Bell Rock sits an old ammunition box and inside is where the real treasure is found. Open the prayer box and discover more than a couple hundred notes written from the people who have ventured up this steep slick rock hillside. A note from The Little Adventure Girl (9 years old) is in one of the small notebooks, and guess what The Adventure Dad (that’s me) left his own note.

What happened on top of Bell Rock?

As we walked onto the summit after a dozen or so rock scrambles was a flood of positive emotions, things inside began to come out. I left a lot on the top of Bell Rock and will never pick it up again. Sitting down in the shade of a juniper growing through solid stone, tears began to roll gently down my face. The tears were good, the healing kind of tears. Little Adventure Girl asked, “What’s the matter”? “Nothing is the matter, in fact everything is perfect”, I replied.

It truly was perfect. The Adventure Girl made her way carefully up higher to the prayer box. Taking photos, writing a note of her own, and jumping for joy as she was elated to complete such a worthy hike. Several minutes later I joined her and our guide and left a note of my own.

Bell Rock took a lot of things out of me, things that I didn’t need, burdens.

The hike down Bell Rock was light and simple as we enjoyed a new sense of freedom within. This is a highly recommended hike.

Little Adventure Girl is in the Top of Bell Rock club, member #430, and Adventure Dad (that’s me) is member #431

If you’d like to be in this little club I’ve arranged a complimentary guide who would be happy to assist new members to the summit.

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