Visit Page Arizona: Lake Powell’s Gate


Lake Powell proudly boasts itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations for boating, fishing, sight seeing, photography, hiking, mountain biking and rests comfortably as a base for exploring many of the United States best national parks. Tourist season brings a constant flow of crowds and all of the typical things a person would expect to find in the gentle heat of the desert sun.

As the heat of summer begins to wind down the town of Page enjoys a more relaxed pace, and the true treasures of this sandy oasis become less crowded in the months of October, November, December, January and February. Photographers can easily enjoy wonderful photo opportunities without the normal crowds of summer, and let’s be honest photoshopping people out of the picture can be a painstaking effort.

Catching the horseshoe bend along the Colorado river empty is nearly impossible at other times of the year, while the winter months offer ample opportunities for photography without the crowds. Along with the reduced crowds comes an increase in travel discounts as the winter visitor is sure to enjoy ample availability to enjoy the beautiful low angles of winter sunshine, and sometimes overcast skies. Taking award winning quality photos in winter offers new opportunities to the avid shooter as most of the popular sites become empty of people, although spilling over full of a more calm winter life.

The sun bounces off rocks from its low winter angle with delight and gathers entirely new perspectives from the same vantage point that the summer sun tends to wash out with its full overhead power.

Things To Do:

1. Visit the Grand Staircase Escalante and explore a vast wilderness accessible by car, and full of a thousand day long opportunities to connect to the scenery. From alcoves to arches this section of the Colorado Plateau boasts thousands of recently discovered dinosaur artifacts and the Bureau of Land Management has kindly opened a free museum showcasing real dinosaur bones complete with educational material and a staffed office just minutes from the majestic town of Page.

Enjoy the twenty minute video highlighting the work of dedicated paleontologists uncovering the fossils of new dinosaur species on a regular basis. Drive the scenic byways through the Grand Staircase all accessible from your own automobile. This area is not only full of hiking opportunities, but the proud towering rock formations will stimulate the mind in a way no other area of the Colorado plateau offers.

2. Lake Powell is spilling over with lustful images reflecting a deep blue landscape of water surrounded by the multicolored navajo sandstone. Drive down to the lake shore, or take a short walk from wahweap marina to your very own private vantage points. Some of the best memories are made in the calm moments of these less visited months.

3. Go to the horseshoe bend in the Colorado river to enjoy a more organic hiking and photographing experience, not to mention the natural lighting lowly piercing the rock formations creating entirely new perspectives on this peaceful landscape.

4. Get in touch with the indigenous culture and tour Antelope Canyon. Navajo people continue to inhabit this land alongside the ancestral pueblo people. As the Hopi and Anasazi people live on, they’ve adopted peace with life through the centuries and many still farm this wonderful land. Local ranchers and farmers have graciously allowed access on paved and unpaved throughout the area. The locals are friendly and have such beauty to share with the world. But, don’t expect to connect well with the culture in the busy season, they have busy lives as tourists eagerly swarm the deserts warm offerings. Have a go in the off season and find a more relaxed way of life that lives on with the spirit of its native inhabitants. Don’t expect to receive a warm welcome in Page, Arizona as the locals see heavy tourist traffic most months of the year.

5. Tour the Glen Canyon dam, it’s very affordable and gives a deep perspective on the wonders of industrialization meeting nature. Tours start several times a day and reservations can be obtained at the visitor center. Prices are in the $ range and this affordable excursion is well worth the time.

No matter what you do while you’re in Page I think the beauty will steal your heart as it stole my heart more than two decades ago on many summer and winter family vacations.

Unfortunately, no discounts were offered to our readers at this time, although we did try.

What are some of your favorite things to do in this area?




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