Sedona Arizona Trails and Bike’s For Everyone


-Have you ever taken the whole tribe cross country and wanted to hit the trails with a great set of wheels? Whether you’re traveling locally for a 902quick family getaway, or cruising into Sedona from far away, one of the best ways to get pumped and view the scenery is to get out of the car and hit some of the local trails.

Sedona does not just offer off road mountain bike trails, it’s host to miles of paved path, spacious bike lanes, and the wonderful new Hog Heaven loop.

Here’s a list of trails in and around Sedona

A great rental shop complete with a full service coffee shop is The Bike and Bean check out their full selection of awesome mountain bikes for the whole family. Check out the bike and beans bike rental options here. Call the Bike and Bean with any questions at 928-284-8210 or send an email with any questions. and they’ll quickly reply with all of the great local information.

The skilled technicians at Bike and Bean are always hard at work fine tuning the equipment. Plenty of bike rental selection is available for kids, adults, men, and ladies. The test track is right behind the shop, and the staff will help make sure your bike is in perfect working order, adjusted, and tuned to perfection. Even if you already have a bike it would be a great idea to grab one for a couple hours to feel the power of premium equipment, learn tips, trails, and tricks from the local experts.

The Bike and Bean is committed to making your vacation the best, has full knowledge of local trails for all skill levels of riders. Whether you choose to take to the streets, hit some easy off road trails, or desire a bigger challenge, they will get you pointed in the right direction. The advice alone is worth it. Next time you’re in Sedona go to their shop and try a bike, have a coffee, iced latte, espresso or whatever coffee drink your heart desires.

Located in the Bell Creek Plaza with a big orange sign on the front of the two story building enjoy a nicely air conditioned stop before your next ride and discover some new trails. The full line of bike gear is very reasonably priced, top quality, and the helmets are very well ventilated to keep your noggin cool in the desert heat.

Visit the bike and beans full website here, and have a great time in Sedona!

Contact the bike and bean via. email and get a quick response.




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