Camping For Weekend Warriors: You’re Doing it Wrong.


Have you ever decided to get out in nature and have a good time?

It’s Friday and you get the whole tribe together, pack up a cooler full of cheap beer, stock up on menthol cigarettes, buy a couple boxes of shotgun shells and head for the mountains.

The weekend goes great, everyone gets drunk, eats burgers cooked over an open fire, roasts hot dogs and warm up some smores.

Sunday afternoon rolls around and the hangovers just won’t quit, time has passed by and you’ll need to get back to the big city or face missing work, losing your job and everything else. You say that you really love nature, but there are some big problems.

1. Forgetting to bring trash bags is a big mistake, and if you happen upon this situation there are some simple solutions. Take a dirty T-shirt and tie that sleeves together so it can be filled with trash. If you bring it in, pack it out. Don’t be an egghead and leave shotgun shells, glass, aluminum, paper, or anything at all. Leave everything better than it was found.

2. Bringing the wrong equipment is another huge mistake that weekend warriors tend to make, and I would be no exception in some respects having purchased air mattresses made by Intex, they absolutely suck, break down, puncture, and turn into a huge bubble after a few nights of use. Don’t waste money on thin metal tent stakes, plastic tent stakes, or cheap sleeping bags, it will put a major damper on the fun.

3. Cigarette butts make you look like a butt, and they have your DNA all over them. With that police record you’ve probably established by now it would be simple for the feds to track you all the way home, but that will probably never happen.

4. Looking like a jerk is as easy as leaving shotgun shells scattered around and broken glass around the fire pit and campsite. Some folks like to walk barefoot, especially children. For those who think it’s okay to destroy nature, the rest of us know who you are, and know where you live city slicker. Most campers are not jerks, it’s just a few who pay no attention to anything other than their raging headache induced by bud light, coors, and MGD.

Get your stuff together, pack it in, pack it out, and start falling in love with nature.

1. Shoot your guns at a proper target or plastic jugs full of sand, and take your trash.

2. Buy the right equipment and take care of it. Buying cheap stuff will always end up wrong.

3. Don’t be a butt be a blessing. Small trash like cigarette butts, toilet paper, candy wrappers hang around for a very long time, and they are almost as annoying as unskilled campers. Even if you are not a skilled camper, start acting like you have some skills.

4. Be a hero and bring some good beer to drink with your friends, drink way less and avoid the hangover, pick up the camp during daylight hours when it can be thoroughly cleaned, and if the equipment is going to last for a long time, pack up before the sun has a chance to bake the tent canvass into shreds.

Enjoy camping out this summer, and be sure to act like a guest out in nature, a polite guest always leaves things better than they were found.




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