Things We Do Not Miss About Home

Have you ever ventured off on a vacation and wanted to stay on vacation?

That’s what kept happening to us, going home always gave a sick feeling to the stomach and begged the question, “why are we going home?”

Here’s a list of things we do not miss:

1. Air traffic, helicopters, airplanes, sirens, kids yelling cuss words at each other, nosy neighbors tattling on kids for baseless junk, living close to the same insecure jealous couples who exclusively hang out with other couples.

2. Driving to work was always a major cramp in our lifestyle, the little adventure girl had to stop playing, jump into the car and sit for a couple hours to ride along. Traffic is always a bother, everyone is driving too slow, too fast, darting across lanes, putzing, rubbernecking, hoodooing, hoking, flipping, flapping and flopping…. driving to work has been replaced by a more fun activity… driving to our next vacation destination.

3. Constant phone calls, knocks on the door, interruptions, and general disturbances. No thanks, we’re better off without the bother of having to respond every single time someone wants to say hello, borrow a tool, get a ride, chit chat, tattle tale, hobnob, or otherwise be a bother.

4. Memories are like the cobwebs of my mind, and they are not missed. The fact is that memories are rather precious, and not choice when visited every day. The walls of an old house speak, and it’s better if they do not speak to me.

5. Cleaning all that furniture with special oils and rubs was a huge bother, and to be honest the dust sometimes piled up. On the road it’s easy to clean for a host, tidy up a hotel room, or otherwise keep our gear in order. If something becomes a problem it is quickly dumped into a free bin, donated, recycled, repurposed, or turned into a rag with no emotion or thought.

6. Seeing the same things every day, driving the same roads to get places, and going to the same little getaway spots to spend time with the same friends. There are different places, different people, and different perspectives. If a place isn’t cultural, warm, friendly, an open community, then we simply leave and find a better place to spend time. When we get tired of a place, we simply move on and find a new place that suits our needs.

7. Obligations to do what others think we should. The traveling life is supportive and many strangers approach the adventure dad to tell him what a great kid the adventure girl is, how homeschool is awesome, and how we are doing an awesome job. There is no judgement, criticism, or harsh treatment, only the support and acceptance of total strangers. When total strangers take time to go out of their way to quietly approach the adventure dad paying high compliments, it is a sincerely uplifting experience. The things that were said by those who are supposed to be supportive and accepting have been rather damaging, and those things are being undone on the road. Complete strangers are teaching the adventure girl a million new things, professionals are on vacation a lot, and we enjoy many of the highest level educated people on the road. Being obligated to defend our freedom loving, homeschooling, lackadaisical lifestyle is not at all missed.

All in all, we only miss the people, neighbors, friends, and family. After all, nobody threw us a going away party either, and we didn’t miss that.

It’s not necessary to travel full time to be a great traveler, but it’s something we wanted to do, get away and have no regrets. The decision and planning took a long time, presented many challenges, and threw out many objections, but we overcame it all, and don’t miss these things about home, especially dusting all of that antique furniture. DSCN7177




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