Faroe Islands Making fun of the American Part II: Injury update

Have you ever been in a big hurry on vacation and ended up on a surgery table, all because of coffee?

Read Part I Faroe Islands Making Fun of the American:

It was a little wet outside that day. The coffee cup injury severed a nerve and the feeling is still growing back. A little numbness in the finger can play a number on typing at on a computer or laptop. What luck was had that day on vacation as the whole country turned me away when it was time to pay, except one tall hairy thin doctor in his early years of practice who demanded a stifling amount of cash right out of my pocket, it was a small stipend for after hours service or some sort of special sheep herding holiday.

The big question is, did we miss Halloween in the U.S. that year? Fall in the Faroe Islands brings lovely weather. During one of the many daily rainstorms it’s wise to bring a good quality rain jacket for all the travelers in your tribe, rain pants or boots would be a nice option, at least for the kids if you’re toting them along. Watch out for the seasoned island drivers as they like to bump around pretty quickly there stargazer, rubberneck, and the elderly are quickly passed as manual transmission deluxe cars speed around the volcanoes of this archipelago.

Is this just in America or does this happen everywhere? A certain lady I happened to spend a little time with claims to have “turned down the doctor” so to speak. Does the University in the Faroe Islands offer a course in pre-socio pathic to go with its actually fantastic selection of courses. Factually, that was a joke about the pre-socio courses, after all I only knew one, maybe two student(s) at the time. .

Visit undersea tunnels in style and watch the ventilation fans play tricks on your camera while sitting in the passenger seat of course. Enjoy popping up into a new micro climate as the different bays tend to experience their own unique weather patterns. Some acquire more rainfall than others, yet Klaksvic seems to enjoy a wet environment more than Torshavn.

About the girl, not much.  The surgery on my hand was a great success, maybe the whole experience severed a different kind of nerve. Thank you dear northern people.

Here is the packing list for ultralight travel, travel with kids, and all the fun gizmos you’d ever need:






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