How To Visit The World’s Most Dangerous Places Without Ending Up Dead.

From the cartels of Cali Colombia to La Familia Michoacana, we have been there. Afghanistan is one we’ve not experienced, however would love the experience. 


Why in the world would anyone ever visit a dangerous place: 

1. Family and friends are residents. 

2. A reputable person sends an invitation. 

Can you think of any other reasons? If so, please do comment and share other reasons to visit dangerous places in the world. 


Here’s the dope, if you are planning a trip to one of the world’s most dangerous places, please, please, please be prepared. You’ll need nothing more than your normal traveling gear, a good foundation of the local trade language, and at least one local contact. 

Getting a local contact is not as hard as it may appear, resorts are often filled with local tourists who own property in shady places. It is very possible to receive an invitation to a dangerous place from one of these business people, government officials, and other established residents. On your next vacation, try hiring a private tour guide from a restaurant, outfitting shoppe, etc. Likely the local guide will be indigenous, well connected, or otherwise enabled to entertain. 

Visit on local holidays and arrive well before the festivities to secure some great friends in advance. 

Appear confident and try to blend in. Pretend it’s not your first time in the, trick yourself mentally into walking, taking a taxi, or whatever without much problem. If you’re taking a taxi or bus, simply hand the driver an address, ticketing agents are often knowledgeable about local, regional, and national destinations. It’s always to ask more than one person, and if answers are variable, ask many people. Locals would often like to appear to know-it-all and some people get confused, even locals. 

Find a grandma they’ll invariably know a whole lot about life, enjoy the company, and lead you to the right place. We once hitched a taxi with a wonderful Mexican lady of peace who took us directly to our destination from the bus…. exactly 2 blocks away. Maps can be hard to find in these places… it’s not likely that tourist maps will be available outside of the main-chain hotels, but one may find themselves surrounded by a strange city with only their good senses, critical thinking, and judgement to lead them in the right direction. 

Do Not go on any wild goose chases. Think like a local, if there is something you’d absolutely need, it’s not far away. Most people in these dangerous places are typically walking to take care of their daily needs. You should also be walking as a general practice, blending with the people and acquiring all needs on a very micronic, and local level. Making friends with local shop owners will give them a great sense of value for your life, and you’ll be a great customer, write travelocity reviews, and generally make their business thrive in some perceived way.

Furthermore, it’s just great to have friends and get to know some locals. Don’t be surprised if you end up at some fun BBQ’s and dinner invitations are always amazing to that discerning palate of yours. 

Here are a few very dangerous cities in our travel history: 

Palomas, Mexico

Los Reyes de Salgado, Mexico

Cali, Colombia 

Anaheim, California

Copenhagen, Denmark

London, England

Texas Hill Country


If you’d like to know more about Dangerous Places and staying safe when you travel please comment on this blog post, and I’ll be happy to expand it, share individual experiences, funny stories, travel mishaps, and adventures in the world’s most dangerous places. 


Your comments are warmly appreciated. 

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Periban Mexico Semana Santa

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