WunWun, The Service For On-Demand Anything, Revamps Logo In Time For San Francisco Launch

This is genius.. an on demand delivery, and everything else!!!!


While automatic may be better than on-demand, there’s something truly special about being able to type in exactly what you want, press a button, and have it delivered to your door for the exact same price as going to the store yourself.

That’s what WunWun has been doing for New Yorkers for the past year, and the on-demand service is now making its way to San Francisco.

Launching today in the Mission and Soma, WunWun will offer on-demand delivery of anything to users for a flat rate (plus tip to the WunWun helper). By the end of October, the company will be serving all of San Francisco.

For a courier service (delivering something or performing a task without a purchase), WunWun charges $10. If you ask for a special request like waiting in line for cronuts or at Madison Square Shake Shack for a shake, WunWun will add…

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