Doctors are shying away from recommending grains now days

The decline of grains in the human diet, allergic reactions caused by diet, disease due to consumption of sugar producing foods.

Hello Everybody,

Looks like I will be writing a regular column on Health and Wellness.  I will try to keep them short and sweet and always a tad bit controversial.

I will endeavor to provide names and, or links and springboards from which you can do your own research.  Whether or not you choose to follow my advice and do your own research is strictly up to you.  This is published for informational purposes only.  Please consult your medical practitioner first.  I have to add that for legal reasons….

I couldn’t help but notice that more and more doctors, such as Doctor Oz and his guests have not been recommending Wheat, Rye or Barley lately.  This is also spilling over into other shows as well.

Five doctors and a dietician now on PBS TV strongly recommend against Wheat, Rye and Barley.  Even the whole grains.

From the liver’s point of view: 

Two Slices of 100 percent whole wheat bread is the equivalent of taking 10 teaspoons of sugar!  The same can be said of white bread.  The only advantage to 100 percent whole wheat is that it will take little longer to turn into sugar.  Please look at the Chart from Harvard below:

Actually there are other advantages to 100 percent whole wheat:  More fiber and vitamins  Glycemic load index for different foods.

Scroll down to the beans and nuts and take a look at that Glycemic load, or lack there of….

Warning on “low fat” foods:

It has long been known that in order to increase the flavor of low fat foods, the manufacturers will tend to add a whole lot more sugar and, or salt.

Just one, six ounce serving of flavored Yogurt can contain almost an ounce of sugar (2 tablespoons)!

The “low fat” craze is actually a relic from the far distant past [see Ancil Keys] which some say is a flawed, sixty year old study now.  Many TV and PBS doctors are now recommending quality fats into the diet, lots of eggs and butter.  Also Dr. Oz and others on main stream TV are recommending Raw, unrefined Coconut oil each day.

PS  So many folks are laboring under the delusion that they are eating healthy!

Contributed by: Tom. ~ Tom is an organic garden enthusiast, prepper, Guru and all around interesting person who lives someplace north of Denver, Colorado.


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