Magnesium: The Most Vital of all Supplements!

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Rio Del Mar Beach 2003 standard poodleMagnesium is the king of minerals in your body. It’s not made in the body and is readily depleted. Most Americans are woefully deficient in Magnesium which can actually lead to calcium deficiency diseases such as Osteoporosis, kidney stones and bone spurs just to name a few.

Most standard, blood based Magnesium tests are generally ineffective at detecting your actual Magnesium levels.

Even if your serum magnesium comes back normal in the test, as it probably will, many doctors and researchers believe that Magnesium deficiency is epidemic.”

Some common things that deplete Magnesium:

Coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, Calcium supplements, Blood pressure medications, Diuretics, Depression medications, stress, carbonated beverages and many other medications can lead to a deficiency of Magnesium. This partial list pretty much tells you that practically everybody in America, Canada and Europe are deficient in Magnesium.

Here are some links that I ran across and I’ve been able to confirm this information elsewhere.

This site will explain in common language and in a quick manner what the symptoms are:

Please understand that this information and links that I provide are for informational purposes only and I am not necessarily endorsing anyone’s products at this time. Always do your own research and consult with a knowledgeable practitioner or two.

Tom The Health and Wellness Guy

PS Enjoy your travels and stay healthy.

Contributed by: Tom. ~ Tom is an organic garden enthusiast, prepper, Guru and all around interesting person who lives someplace north of Denver, Colorado.


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