The Yolk’s on You: My funny breakfast at Denny’s

IMG_5209Those of you who are into a low carb diet will definitely appreciate this and get a small chuckle!

There is definitely a lesson in this and the yolk was on him. Sorry for the bad pun as you will see.

Recently I met with somebody (he works in the Veterans administration) who wanted to pick my brain on health and wellness issues at a local Denny’s for breakfast. We had originally met at a sporting goods store and he was very impressed with my age, fitness level and depth of knowledge on a variety of health and wellness issues. He wanted to discuss it further at breakfast and he would pick up the tab. He quickly figured out that I know as much as any fitness trainer that he has encountered. He was 10 years younger than me, yet looked my age or older (fairly typical in even the fittest state in the USA).

1) I placed my order for an omelet and asked the waitress for a doggie bag for my toast so I could put the pieces of toast on the compost heap, were toast belongs. He asked me why and I replied: Because one piece of toast equals almost 2 tablespoons of sugar from your liver’s point of view. Not actual sugar content. I also said that the composter bacteria would greatly appreciate it.

2) He placed his order for an omelet and said to the waitress: “Hold the yolks.” I chimed in and said: Waitress; I’ll take his yolks!

3) He asked me why I would want to do that. I replied; well the yolks on you (literally in this case since he way buying). Most of the good fats and by far most of the nutrition is in the yolk, and the egg whites are virtually useless by themselves in comparison.

I went on to explain that I burn fats instead of glucose, therefore the cells in my body are being fed a much better quality food (fats). I’m in Ketosis, a rare condition in the USA. I put myself in Ketosis on purpose and my medical tests are great. Ketosis has also given me a newfound euphoria and a very high energy level.

After a long breakfast and getting the evil eye from the waitress (s) to move along; he said: “This makes more sense than anything I’ve ever heard from my doctors and nurses.” He also noted that most of the nurses that he saw, were very obese and were always pushing carbohydrate rich diets on him. I’ve had that same experience and now my medical facility has stopped that stupid practice and some of them actually listen to me….

It has been well known and documented for decades that most doctors and nurses have 24 hours or less of nutritional training and much of that is many years out of date!

As we age most of us become more or less Glucose resistant, that’s why we have cognitive issues along with weight gain, especially as we age. Since the 1920s seizures have been greatly mitigated by putting a patient into a state of Ketosis where the patient burns fats and not glucose.

Contributed by: Tom. ~ Tom is an organic garden enthusiast, prepper, Guru and all around interesting person who lives someplace north of Denver, Colorado.


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