HIIT Workout vs Cardio: How to adapt a treadmill for HIIT

Running on Rio Del Mar beach California.

Hi Everybody,

I write this column on fitness, health and wellness so that you can more readily enjoy your travels with better immunity to illnesses and more energy.

Research says that Cardio workout, is out.  Turns out cardio workouts are not all that healthy for you.  It can also burn out the body prematurely.   Do your own research if you must.  Doctor David Perlmutter author of the Grain Brain, who is a regular on PBS TV and endorsed by Dr. Oz is one of a growing number of doctors who advocates HIIT workouts over cardio.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is easier and far better for you.  HIIT is more sustainable than using a big, clanky treadmill that takes up a lot of space.  There are different methods for implementing a HIIT workout.  A HIIT workout can actually be implemented on the road and with no equipment if necessary….

Here is how you can use that treadmill to best advantage, but be very careful:

1) Start out with a brisk walking pace for a couple of minutes.

2) Brace yourself and CAREFULLY hit a sprint setting on your treadmill and sprint/run for 30 to 50 seconds.

3) Carefully adjust the setting and dial it down to a brisk walking pace for 1 1/2 minutes.

5) Repeat #2.

4) Repeat this process 3 to 4 more times.  4 to 5 sets should be good.

Then cool down for up to a few minutes at a brisk walking pace while watching the news or a business program.

In less than 17 minutes you can accomplish more good for your body than 30 to 45 minutes of conventional exercise on a treadmill.

Please note:

I tested this myself over a period of a month, after hitting a brick wall and using an elliptical/spinner for 1/2 hour VS a HIIT workout, what a dramatic improvement!  Less time, less stress, more fun.  Folks thought that I had lost weight.  Little did they know that I stayed the same weight!

Contributed by: Tom. ~ Tom is an organic garden enthusiast, prepper, Guru and all around interesting person who lives someplace north of Denver, Colorado.


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