Getting robbed by Venezuelans

Update 7-28-2019

Update: regarding the fake ultrasound photos. An anonymous person has informed me that Veronica had a tubal litigation surgery (cutting the Fallopian tubes) more than 2 decades ago.

Original text:

So, I’ll start with names: Mirna Veronica Quintero Seijo and her daughter Leonela Seijo locked up my luggage and passport and demanded money to allow me to leave my apartment.

I had to call a friend to help me get out of the situation, and yes, I did give them money they extorted from me.

After I returned to the USA Veronica sent me fake ultrasound photos.

They are in Santa Marta, Colombia and from Venezuela.

Verónicas son Leonardo is complicit in her crimes and attempted to perpetuate her lies and extortion.

It seems that Leonela has gone to Spain.

Watch out for these scammers.

More updates to come.

Quiero la verdad!


2 thoughts on “Getting robbed by Venezuelans

  1. Bro, welcome to the Club, i have been Getting robbed by Venezuelans, calls Breyli Mariana Diaz Ugas, lives in bogota, colombia.

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