London history treasures

London history treasures offer the Little Explorer Wesley’s organ

Getting started, I’ll introduce experiences of living free, healthy, happy in a world packed with people.

The inspiration: After traveling a bit around the world, meeting other travelers, living in unconventional ways has been something people tend to like about the way we live.

Our family is small, just two of us. Dad, [me] an entrepreneur somewhere in the realm of my early 30’s. Daughter, 8 years of engaging life full throttle.

Listening to travelers from places like Shanghai, Belgium, Ukraine, has been an eye opening experience. Many of our travels have involved staying in homes abroad, learning from families, exploring the true culture. People in public have a face, but there is no face like there is at home.

Travel is pleasure, even the bumps-in-the-road make good memories. The time I was angrily dropped off on the side of the highway in a foreign country for a small communication error… I promise, it’s a funny story…

Do you know anyone who’d be interested in the details of the world… through a dad and daughters adventures? We’d love to have you follow along and enjoy traveling with us as we get started on catching up on past adventures.

We’re at home base right now, some place in the Rocky Mountains. A couple dozen blog posts, new moons, hot toddy’s, and we’ll be on the road again.

For now, it’s the daily grind. Consisting of mostly coffee, avoiding the paperwork in my home office, barely ever going to work because I can’t fire myself, I cherry pick at life. It’s fun! Do I work hard, yes!

As a result of the casual schedule, we survive with less. Time is more important than money. At the end of the day, the bills get paid, a tiny amount gets saved for our next working vacation. Hobbies are productive, and help save money.

Mixing business and pleasure is A-Okay!

Our last big travel journey included four months of globe trekking in a year. I can’t wait to spill out the stories, especially the one about a huge misunderstanding over English and Money. What a laugh!

There are quite a few journeys we have made up until this point, quite a few adventures. Many were difficult, fun, relaxing, breath taking, engaging. The learning has been one-of-a-kind.

As we travel, I’ll continue to work remotely, update this page as often as possible, write blog posts, pursue our dreams, continue to homeschool the kiddo, and attempt to learn two languages.

But, this is not all about travel, it’s about much more….

People, places, stories… and hopefully a lot of time on the beach in the near future.

Negotiating life, business, family, finances…. all while living a life of freedom.

And, the most exciting part of living in the free world has been the way others have enjoyed sharing our life.

I didn’t know our life was so free, it took other people pointing this out to make me realize, we really are different. And, we really are the same.

So, is this about travel, yes, a little, but it’s also about life, business, work, school, health, culture, beauty, nature…

Thank you for following/liking. Wish us luck, come along and laugh at the past, present and future…

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